Turn frustration into freedom

Implement a simple proven set of operating tools to get more profit,
accountability and results – and feel in control of your business.

Are you losing sleep?

Without a consistent and scalable way to set goals, creating accountability and aligning your team is harder than it needs to be. Everything is a priority which means nothing is. Instead of enjoying your business and achieving your vision, you’re left frustrated with people, process and underperformance.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Take charge

Revive your culture

Create opportunity & inspire your team with a clear vision

Build the right team

Get the right people,
in the right seats

Achieve freedom

Pursue other passions with the confidence your business remains strong

I’ve been there

I couldn’t keep my head above water. I was trapped in distractions, responding to what was urgent, not important, and throwing people at an issue when it was really a process problem; I didn’t see the difference. I truly was flying an airplane while building the landing gear at the same time.

As the first employee of a company that grew to 1200, I’ve been in the trenches and up at the top, experiencing struggles on both sides with little support. Now I’m inspired to help other leaders use a system I used to help me succeed. One that puts a simple structure in place to effectively work through people and process issues and build successful companies.

Rebecca Lockwood
Owner, Founder – Obtain Traction

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Rolled out system

to multiple business units in my own company

“Your system is perfectly designed to give you the results you are getting.”

If you don’t like your results, it’s time to change your system.

– Edwards Demming


If nothing changes, nothing changes

Get back in charge

Test drive the system

See why it works and ensure
it will work for you

Implement the system

Get everyone in the company
understanding and using it

Achieve freedom

Gain more control and
enjoyment out of life

You want to set and achieve goals

You want accountable people who follow a clear path without watching their every step.
You want to set goals and achieve wins. And you want to be able to step away knowing everything is under control.

The problem? You feel like things are slipping. Instead of accomplishing more, you stay in the same frustrating place, managing others rather than your business and you feel like you’re out of control.

Break free from the uncertainty.

I work with entrepreneurs using a simple system to strengthen all areas of their business — from people and process to direction and profits. Instead of tolerating underperforming teams,
you learn how to address white elephants, create accountability and get your house in order.

Schedule your call. And in the meantime, download our free guide, The first chapter of “Get a Grip,” so you can spend less time treading water and more time celebrating gold medals.

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Read the entrepreneurial fable and learn how Swan Services resolves its issues by implementing a simple operating system. Eileen, Vic, and their leadership team learn to develop and commit to a clear vision, establish focus, build discipline, and create a healthier and more cohesive team.

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